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March 6, 2011

Me and My Shadow




The reference to the song Me and My Shadow series requires a bit of an explanation.  You see, shortly after I sold my soul, I mean my brand to a manufacturing company owned by a private equity group, I got stuck with  one of the egomaniacal, obtuse, ill-informed, unintelligent, drone partners of the equity group.  In full disclosure, I should  tell you that I didn’t care for the guy, but I suspect you have already picked up on that. When I say stuck, I mean being buried waste deep in cement would have been preferable to having to travel each and every week with this cro-mangon. Perhaps even being up to my eyeballs in quicksand would have been preferable to the prolonged and miserable time that I spent with the imbecile, but I digress.  I do that a lot, I know I do, and I am really ok with that.

Anyway, the president of the manufacturing company, whose personality could only be compared to Dr. Jekyll or is it Mr, Hyde? Well there in lies the conundrum, it depended on the day. Oh  I am being too nice now, his personality could change from minute to minute.  But on the day he called to tell me that it was my turn to babysit the cretin, he sounded completely spent and exasperated. He said he didn’t really care what happened , he just knew he needed to find something else to occupy the chowderhead for awhile. What, he couldn’t  suggest he take up knitting?

As you can see, I am in danger of running out of pronouns for the fool, so I needed to come up with a name for him. I remember that fateful day when Jeckyll/Hyde said that the doofus was going to shadow” me on my appointments around the country.

Edvard Munch's The Scream

I think Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream pretty much sums up what I was doing on my end of the telephone. Wow, you see, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

So, I began to hum the tune to the 1927 popular song Me and My Shadow, to amuse myself while travelling with the dolt. Then I decided to call him my shadow. (Remember I change the names to protect the guilty.)

I have created a Series with the title Me and My Shadow.  This is a long saga.  I hope you laugh at least a few times  along the way.

Feel free to sing the lyrics to the song Me and My Shadow while reading.


“”Me and my shadow

Strolling down the avenue

Oh, me and my shadow

Not a soul to tell our troubles to

And when it’s twelve o’clock we climb the stairs

We never knock ’cause nobody’s there

Just me and my shadow

All alone and feeling blue”"


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