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Goose Bumps

goose bumps

You probably know that a human may involuntarily develop goose bumps, some call it chicken skin, when they are cold.  But did you know that a  human being may involuntarily develop goose bumps, when they experience strong emotions such as horror, agitation, dread, dismay as well as reverence, esteem, and wonder?  Goose bumps are actually part of our “fight or flight” response system.

I first noticed that I was prone to involuntary goose bumps while sitting in a graduate Management class, one of the requirements for my MBA.  I was just back from spending a year and a half studying in Norway, so other than not knowing who Madonna or Mr T were, I thought I had readjusted quite nicely back into the American classroom.

But this class was one of those with the dreaded mandatory class participation that solicited all students to speak even when they should remain silent.  Some of my class mates comments and questions actually made me shiver.

Convinced that I had a brain tumor or some other horrific disease causing this reaction led me to learn that trying to contain one’s emotions  could cause involuntary goose bumps.  And from that time forward, when I find myself in situations, with wacky people spewing crazy notions, I break out in goose bumps.

Even though I voluntarily relegated myself to the sidelines in the frozen food game, I can’t help but sneer, jeer and sometimes cheer from the sidelines. With all the technology, sophisticated data, and conference rooms full of experts, it is mind numbing what products, promotions and the like get pushed into the market. Defying consumer trends, health and wellness, and even common sense, new products and marketing campaigns are flung at consumers every day.  I continue to be intrigued, I can’t lie.

Humans are quite curious aren’t they?  I mean when you really sit and think about it, what on God’s green earth would possess a person to purchase some of  these products?  It is incredibly interesting what attracts a person to a product.  Equally interesting to me, is the thought process and final products that gets pushed out onto the buying public.

From time to time when I find a product, promotion, or any other item that I think is completely whacked, you will find them here. Products found in this category will defy logic and reasoning as well as taste and seasoning. Some of these products might even give you the chills or goosebumps, because they are well…spooky.  Seriously.

Now, these are simply my opinions.  Your opinion may and probably will differ from mine.  I am ok with that.  If you don’t like my opinion, please tell me so and why?

I will think your response is fascinating, I really will.

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