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Nacho Mama’s National Geographic

by  Malia Ragan


It’s immediately identifiable by its signature yellow rimmed front cover paperback.  For us baby boomers, it was our staple reference material to fulfill that footnote obligation at the bottom of that geography or science report we were required to write in grade school.  Yes, there was no Internet or Google or even a Kindle when National Geographic came into existence in the late 1800’s. We had to walk five miles to the nearest brick and mortar building called a “library” to check them out.  Or, if we were really fortunate, our parents had a subscription delivered, by another increasingly endangered species, called the postman.  I know, it’s difficult for some of you to imagine.  Wikipedia describes National Geographic as “formerly National Geographic Magazine”.   What?  National Geographic Magazine is no more?  It’s been replaced by the acronym, Nat Geo? And you can now subscribe to it on cable tv?  Get out….

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