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Me and My Shadow



The reference to the song Me and My Shadow series requires a bit of an explanation.  You see, shortly after I sold my soul, I mean my brand to a manufacturing company owned by a private equity group, I got stuck with  one of the egomaniacal, obtuse, ill-informed, unintelligent, drone partners of the equity group.  In full disclosure, I should  tell you that I didn’t care for the guy, but I suspect you have already picked up on that. When I say stuck, I mean being buried waste deep in cement would have been preferable to having to travel each and every week with this cro-mangon. Perhaps even being up to my eyeballs in quicksand would have been preferable to the prolonged and miserable time that I spent with the imbecile, but I digress.  I do that a lot, I know I do, and I am really ok with that.

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AustraliaTasmania 193

When You See the Southern Cross for the First Time

I still had that dull headache from dehydration and sleep deprivation when I boarded the afternoon flight to Launceston, Tasmania. We had arrived in Melbourne from Los Angeles one-day prior and even though I had the chance to swim off some of the kinks in my back from the long flight at the Balgownie Estate pool, the fog of jet lag made everything seem surreal. Just a couple of weeks prior to my departure if you had told me I would be travelling to Tasmania with Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild film crew I would have thought you had lost your mind. Read moreRead more

alice falling

How I fell down the “rabbit hole”

This is the story of how I fell down the “rabbit hole” into the food business.

While finishing a year of scholarship study at the University of Trondheim, Norway, I decided to change my degree program from a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) to a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).  At the time, I feared that getting a job with a MPA would be more difficult than with a MBA.  I returned to Ohio University where I was fortunate to secure a stipend and scholarship as an accounting teaching assistant and completed my degree.  Read moreRead more


Have you Joined Charmin’s “the Go” Nation?

Listen, everyone poops.  We know this.  And even if we didn’t know it before, there is a book  by Taro Gomi reminding us that Everyone Poops! The book is ranked #1 in the Science, Nature & How it Works, Children’s Book category on the day of this post, so there must be a lot of us that have the book to use as a reference just in case we forget everyone poops. Read moreRead more


Jimmy Dean asks, Do You Feel The Glow Yet?

Jimmy Dean’s Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick- Artificially Blueberry Flavored

“Now your favorite breakfast foods are even easier to eat. We wrapped a delicious sausage inside a sweet blueberry pancake, and put it on a stick to make it portable.”*

Jimmy Dean’s product description

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AustraliaTasmania 132

Into the Field

“The wilderness will lead you
to your heart where I will speak.
Integrity and justice
with tenderness you shall know.”

From the hymn “Hosea” by Gregory Norbert.